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15 June 2004 Site domain has expired, site no longer works, moved  to holding area in case the site owner comes back and renews it. Will check in a month.
9 June 2004 Two different sites [but from the same person] neither in English, and both with Adult content, and not the least bit related to the category. What do these people do, just randomly choose where to submit? Moved on to a better place.
7 June 2004 Doing a lot of research on some mirror and similar sites, found 70 related sites.
24 May 2004 A "new" submission, I already dealt with this in April, and rejected ot for having "coming soon'. Once more the relevant content says "New schedule coming soon!" Deleted once more. [Sites under construction are not acceptable]
18 May 2004 How three editors still can still list a site fast.

14:47:57 - site is submitted - it's not so clear where the site should go.
15:03:36 - the editor decides it's the wrong category and moved it somewhere else
16:23:43 - the editor of the second category moves it to another category
18:41:56 - the editor of the third category reviews it and publishes it

Some people wait years, some don't. h

12 May 2004 I get an email from a site owner complaining his site was not listed. This is the same person who emailed a week earlier, but of course failed to mention which site was not listed. Funny how site owners think their site is the only one that exists.

The site was last submitted May 7, but was originally submitted in Sep 2002, and at that time an editor noted it was the same content as another site in the category so it was rejected. This is now the thirteenth submission of the site, the guidelines are clear in http://www.dmoz.org/add.html - Do not submit URLs that contain only the same or similar content as other sites you may have listed in the directory. Each time, the submission gets deleted.

I could of course email back telling the person he will not get listed, but my experience tells me that that will be a time waster as we email back and forth arguing over it. Since he also emailed AOL staff, I think I will avoid the matter.

5 May 2004 A site owner sends an update to indicate his company site has changed direction and should no longer be listed in the category. A review indicates the site is no longer appropriate to list. I love responsible web masters like this, so I bookmark the site for review later, when it's content gets changed, it will be relisted.

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