Categories with Editors

Sometimes instead of suggesting a site to the correct category, a site owner decides that if he does that the site will never get reviewed. So he submits it to a more general category that has an editor.

Now when the editor in that category reviews the site, and finds it doesn't belong there, the editor gets the fun of putting it back down to the category where it belonged  in the first place - like digging a hole and filling it back up.

Not all editors are as mean and nasty as me, but I make sure to review all the sites that are in the sub-categories first, since they took the trouble to find the right place for their sites. Then the ones that were put incorrectly in the broad category get moved to the sub-categories. Then I go work on other things. 

I do realize why people think it's better to send to a category with an editor, but it really is self-defeating.


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