Categories with no Editors


Some categories have at the bottom of the category page, the name of an editor (sometimes more than one). For example:

Category editor: joe36

This is the name of the editor (or editors) officially assigned to the category.

However many categories have no name at all, or may have something like the following at the bottom of the page:

Volunteer to edit this category.

Many assume that the lack of an editor name means that no one edits the category. This is a false assumption. First, any category can be edited by any named editor in the category above, and in the category above that, all the way to the top. 

To put it another way any editor can edit all the categories beneath his, even if they already have a named editor. The exception is they cannot access a category which has an @ in it's name. (See @links)

Second, there are several hundred editors who have acquired enough experience to be allowed to edit in whole sections of the directory or in every category.

There is no guarantee as to whether a named editor also edits in the subcategories of his assigned category, but likewise there is no guarantee that a named editor is actively editing, he may have taken a break from editing for a few weeks.

An example (real editor names are not used here)

Top: Business: Automotive    fastone
    Parts and Accessories
        Audio    noiseguy
            Wholesale and Distribution
        Drive Train  
        Exhaust    backout
        Safety Devices

fastone - can edit all of those categories except Lubricants@

noiseguy - can edit Audio and Wholesale and Distribution only

backout - can only edit Exhaust

For example, I'm currently named as an editor on only 24 categories but am able to edit in over 230 categories.


The bottom line, don't pay attention to editor names when worrying about a site getting reviewed.



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