Changing a URL for a Site

Sometime it is necessary to change a URL for a site. The general way to do this is to go to the category where your site is listed, and do an update listing. This will prompt you for the existing URL and other information.

However, it's not always so easy. If the site has changed and the old URL does not work, or does a 301 redirect to the new URL, or there is a notice on the old site redirecting users to the new site, then the update will be accepted.

But if both sites exist, there is no compelling reason for an ODP editor to change the listing. First of all, that's just policy, it won't be changed for the sake of change, if the old site URL works, it will be left as is. Secondly, it's done for the protection of the site owner, otherwise someone could come along, copy [steal] the content to a new URL, and then "hijack" the ODP listing.

The best way is to do a HTPP 301 redirect - then an internal ODP robot will tend to pick that up and process the update before you even request it. But not everyone has the technical resources to do that.

A Resource Zone thread on this:

Changing URL




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