Choosing a Category

Identify the single best category for your site. Spend a lot of time on this. Failure to submit to the best category at the start causes delays while editors shuffle it from one category to another. Remember that not all editors can edit all categories, so the first editor that reviews the site may have to send it elsewhere, for a different editor to review. Also, since the editor it probably only experienced in his category, he may not spend the time to send it the the best category. If you did not spend the time, why should the editor?

Submit non-English sites to the appropriate category under World. A common mistake. Any sites which are not in English must be published somewhere in World

For example, a site that would normally be published in Health: Dentistry: Oral Surgery but happens to be in Dutch must be suggested to the equivalent Dutch category - World: Nederlands: Gezondheid: Geneeskunde: Heelkunde: Kaakchirurgie . Not all categories have direct equivalents in all other languages, so the best fit must be made (more on this later) - For example, if in French it would belong in World: Français: Santé: Dentisterie

Also do not confuse World with Regional. World contains sites not in English, Regional contains sites in different countries/areas, but in English. A site in French belong in World: Français, but a site in English for a store in France belongs in Regional: Europe: France  However, there are also Regional sub-categories within World to handle non-English sites.

Other examples

A site in  English, located in Portugal - Regional: Europe: Portugal

A site in English based in Brazil (where Portuguese is spoken) - Regional: South America: Brazil

A site in Portuguese - World: Português

A site in Portuguese, based in Portugal - World: Português: Regional: Europa: Portugal

A site in Portuguese, based in Brazil - World: Português: Regional: América do Sul: Brasil

A site in Portuguese, based in the US - World: Português: Regional: América do Norte: Estados Unidos



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