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Resource Zone requires that site status request be given as clickable links. Failure to do so, just gets everyone annoyed, since it wastes time, creates extra messages,a nd in the end just delays the answer you wanted.

These two are not clickable links - and why not, because if you click them with the mouse, they don't link to anything.

Top: Science: Physics: Nuclear


This is a clickable link http://www.dmoz.org/Science/Physics/Nuclear/

There are all kinds of fancy ways to post them in the forum, but the simplest is just put in the full URL, above, don't try to format or put control codes in. Go to the category in ODP, and cut and paste the link from your browser screen.

Bad Clickable Links

These are all ciickable links, but the wrong kind

http://www.dmoz.org/cgi-bin/add.cgi?where=Science/Physics/Nuclear  is the link to the suggest URL page. Close but no cigars.

This is a clickable link also - http://directory.google.com/Science/Physics/Nuclear/ - but it's a link to the Google directory not ODP. This is not what is wanted (See also We are not Google - We are ODP)

If you don't remember the category, then say so clearly in the post. However, due to technical limitations of the software that runs ODP, without a category, it's often not possible to give an answer to what the status is.

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