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DMOZ Refund Page

Please calculate your refund for failure to list your site

1. Amount paid to ODP/DMOZ for site submission  ________

2. Number of times submitted ___________________

3. Subtract 1 from 2 to get number of spam submissions___________

4. Multiply 3 by $25 to get editor overhead surcharge ___________

5. Number of different categories site was submitted to ___________

6. Subtract 2 from 5 if one of the categories was Regional, otherwise subtract 1 ___________

7. Subtract 1 from 6, for each additional language that was used in the site.  __________

8. Multiple 7 by $25 to get the spammed category surcharge. __________

9. Add 4 and 8 to get the total surcharge ____________

10. Subtract 9 from 1 to get refund value ___________

If the amount is positive, this is your refund, if negative the amount you owe ODP

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