Multi Language

A site in multiple languages may be submitted to one category for each language.

If site is available in English it should be submitted to one of the non-World categories.

For each of the other languages submit to the best category for the language in World

The best way to find the correct category is to start with the English category and find the best match for each language from there.

For example:

Recreation: Food: Drink: Soft Drinks is the English category

underneath that (but before the site descriptions) is

This category in other languages:

German (22) 

Clicking on the word German will take you to World: Deutsch: Freizeit: Essen und Trinken: Getršnke: Alkoholfreie Getršnke - the exact match for the category in German.

However, if we need another language we have to go up to the next level in English

Recreation: Food: Drink

underneath that (but before the site descriptions) is

This category in other languages:

Czech (67) Dutch (154) German (1,258) 
Russian (37) Spanish (46) Swedish (102)  

Clicking on any of those will get you to best match for the language.

However for some languages we have to go to the top Recreation - since other languages may not have enough sites to create the same level of detail as English.

Do not, however submit the start page for each language. Always submit the root URL and make sure that each of the language  pages is linked from the main page.

Language pages created by machine translations are not acceptable.


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