My Competitor is Listed

A common complaint. Your site is not listed and you see two of your competitors are listed. So the conclusion must be:

bulletYour site is blacklisted for some unknown reason
bulletOne of your competitors is the editor
bulletAll the other sites bribed an editor to get in
bulletYour competitor bribed an editor to leave you out
bulletThere is a conspiracy at ODP to prevent you ever being listed


It's most amusing for editors to see posts like this. When the editor goes and looks at the category, they see maybe there are 20 sites listed, and another 80 waiting to be reviewed. Surprise, you are not the only person in the world who wants to be listed in that category. 

So the reality is, a lot of your competitors are also waiting to be listed. And you'll probably get listed ahead of some of them. At which point one of the will come and post a message - My Competitor is Listed .....

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