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What kind of site will generally not be listed?

Drop Shippers and Resellers

Site whose only purpose is to get business, and present orders to another company that  then ships those orders will be  difficult to list.

Typical examples include sites that purport to sell books, but only link to Amazon.com, Amazon is the actual shipper and order taker, and then gives a commission to the site owner for directing the business to them. 
A site that contains Amazon links can be included in ODP, but the site will be reviewed for the content it would present if the Amazon links were not there. In many cases, site designers create a number of links to Amazon, then try to add content to hide their true purpose, but these sites will usually be refused. 

Flower Resellers are a large source of abuse, this unfortunately has the effect of eliminating honest sellers. It has become quite common for sites to be created indicated the existence of real flowers shops at real addresses, when in fact these stores do not even exist. Flower orders than are taken as though shipped from a local shop, when in fact they are all shipped from a central location, which owns all the fake sites, or the sites are all affiliate resellers. See also FAQ - Dmoz/Shopping/Flowers/Florists

SMC Gift Shops and similar reseller programs offer complete turnkey operations which create web sites and the entire e-commerce required to sell their products. This creates thousands and thousands of sites all selling the same item, with the same description. Acceptance of these sites is doubtful.

CafePress offers manufactured to order items, mostly coffee cups, but have expanded into other products. They offer a way for anyone to resell existing products, or design their own. Each of these would be evaluated for it's own uniqueness. If part of an existing site with content, they should not be a problem, but if they just offer the same products as everyone lese, they would no be listed.

Affiliate Marketers

MLM - Multi-Level Marketing

Pyramid Schemes


Deep links of listed sites

Illegal Sites


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