Does the site content match the meta-description and keywords?

Who cares. I just found this advice on an SEO marketers site. Total nonsense, no ODP editor I know off is going looking into the hidden HTML code to find meta stuff. The editor reviews the sites for what it looks like to the site user, not what a search engine spider/robot would look at. 

The ODP uses the title tag for the site title

This is generally not true for sites that are submitted. However sites added by editors use the Title and Description meta tags as a starting point.  If these happen to be compliant with the guidelines, then an editor could leave them as is. Generally they will not be, and an editor in that case would be expected to change them.

Sites take a minimum of six months to get reviewed

Wrong. This seems to come reading and misunderstanding the Resource Zone guidelines Wait at least six months after first inquiring here - but failing to read the Resource Zone FAQ  ... from two minutes to over two years

I will get notified when my site is accepted or rejected by an editor

There  is no automatic procedure to send email. It's up to individual editors as to whether to send email or not, some editors may choose to send a notification, depending on the category and the amount of work they have. Some editors never send email, as they want to avoid getting into discussions with submitters, so you should not expect any.

I will often contact submitters when a site is almost listable, but needs some minor corrections, such as a correction to a page not found, and if the problem is fixed within a short while, then I will list the site.

Although many people find it unusual that no confirmation email is sent, there are good reasons for this. There are a large number of professional submitters who push to get as many clients sites as possible into the directory. Confirmations of acceptance or refusal would help these spammers tailor their submissions.

ODP prefers to have non-commercial sites.

No. However, many editors prefer to work non-commercial categories, and avoid editing in spam prone areas such as Shopping. The combination of that, and the fact that commercial sites push hard to get into ODP, results in more delays for them to be reviewed.

Does the fact that the domain is a ".org" have anything to do with the delay?

Nothing whatsoever.

Sites get reviewed and added within one month

Some do, many don't. This misconception is probably linked to the requirement at Resource Zone to wait a month before asking about a site's status. Time to get reviewed is undefined.

Sites get reviewed and added in the order they are submitted.

It's up to the editor how un-reviewed sites are processed. Many editors will process them in date order, but there is absolutely no requirement to do so.

Sites submitted to categories without editors will not get reviewed.

Wrong. See Categories with no Editors

When the Last update: at the bottom of the category changes, then sites have been added.

Best thing is ignore that date, it could mean anything. Like someone added a comma, changed the category description, deleted some duplicate submissions.

If I don't want a site listed, I can ask for it to be removed.

Since sites are not just added from submissions, but be editors looking for sites to add, there is no facility to do this. It would be too easy for someone to ask for a competitors site to be removed.

ODP ranks sites.

No it doesn't, all sites are the same except for Cool Sites, the order sites appears in search results is not significant.

Is there any dmoz dance  - (like the Google dance)?

No such thing. Editors dance 24/7 adding sites. Their activity drifts into the public view depending on the server load, usually within a few days.

The only thing that's close is the search, which usually updates once a week, except it's been broken for a couple of weeks. It doesn't get updated when a site gets added but as a separate activity.

And the export to RDF files, which does not affect ODP itself, but creates a snapshot copy for other sites to use, usually occurs once a week.

An entry in my site logs from a dmoz editor means my site got reviewed by the category editor.

Sorry, but it doesn't. It could mean that an any editor visited your site for any number of reasons. It could be that someone was just checking whether the site was already in ODP. A quality control editor could have been fixing up URL's, adding trailing slashes, or removing superfluous information. It could mean the category editor was doing a quick scan of the site to ensure that it was likely to belong in the category and did not have to be moved. Perhaps it was being reviewed, but the editor saw a problem and delayed the review.

Meta tags are important

Not in ODP. I guess you forgot, this is a human edited directory. No editor n his right mind is going to wade through your HTML code and look at the meta tags.


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