Opposing Views

Although many think the Open Directory is a great accomplishment, there are many detractors. Some of these people have good points, but it would seem that many are bitter for various personal reasons.

This can include ex-editors who worked at ODP, who might have got disillusioned, or were kicked out for violating the rules or refusing to co-operate, and site owners who get told that their site is ineligible for listing.

Lest you think that the Directory is the ultimate solution, most editors consider the ODP a work in progress, that is updated and improved and subject to change. But one must distinguish between constructive criticism and outright bitterness and ranting.

Some examples

http://www.lawrencechard.com/odpopendirectoryprojectdmoz.html - a site owner who was unhappy at ODP refusing to allow multiple submission of his various web sites in different categories presents his opinion, and the relevant discussions leading to that. The information is well presented and reflects an honest opinion.


The DMOZ Police -  An ex-editor tries to strike back.

DMOZ is Dead - a common thought. Apparently from a ex-editor who is a webmaster of porn sites - who did not get his sites listed. Not too bad, unless you know some background  - harassment of the phone sex editors at ODP.


ODP - The Real Deal - Not much to see, this site has been coming soon for some time.

Why the Open Directory isn't Open - Interesting points, worth reading.

Life After the Open Directory Project  - An editor ponders about his termination.

The Past, Present, and Future of Online Directories  - Very nice article, well worth reading.

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