Position in the Queue

Site owners really want to know the position in the queue for a categroy.

To tell the truth this is really unimportant.

First there really is no such thing as a queue, it's a pile of unreviewed sites, that can be processed in any order. Often, it it true that an editor may process this pile in date order, in which case it it like a queue. But since each editor has his/her own way of working, you cannot count on this. So knowing the position in the "queue" is fairly useless.

Secondly, knowing the number of unreviewed is an often asked question. But that also is a meaningless figure unless viewed in context. 

Let's  see what happens if the people at RZ answered the question about your position in the queue and the number of unreviewed.

Example 1: A category has 5 items in unreviewed, your site is #3, the editor has been working hard on the category. You figure you are about to be reviewed next week. The editor decides to go on a two month vacation, and nothing happens, you complain that you were led to believe your site would be reviewed real soon.

Example 2: A category has 300 items in unreviewed and you are number 290.  The category has no named editor. You figure you won't get listed for a year. Tonight an existing editor decides to apply for that category, he goes through the unreviewed quickly checking what's there, your description is so well written it catches his eye, hew reviews you site and you are in.

Example 3: A category has 150 waiting, you are number 138, you figure your site will not be reviewed real soon, so you decide to make some site changes over the weekend. The editor decides to spend the weekend doing a lot of editing and gets to your site. But it's under construction and looks like a mess, so he removes it from the unreviewed pile as being not ready.


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