Questions from the Battlefront

I am not sure if this service is working as it should. Would you please advise me how can get our website listed before the end of the year?

What service? You are under the misunderstanding that ODP is a service to siteowners. ODP is a directory of sites run by volunteers. Suggestions made by site owners are reviewed and considered as possible additions to the directory. There is no time frame or schedule that applies to these reviews.

My website was dropped from Directory?

How do you know it was dropped?  Possibly it was never listed  - are you sure it was ever in ODP? Maybe it got moved to another category. Did you look in the category to make sure, rather than using search? Do you know how to use DMOZ search, it's pretty simple minded? 

See also Search 

All my competitors are listed

First I doubt you mean that literally. I would think you mean to say - many of my competitors are there. because if all your competitors are there, then you are the only site waiting to be reviewed, and you should get in real fast.

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If none of your competitors were there, I guess there would be no sites in the category, and we would have no need for the category.

What you don't see and fail to take into account, are all your competitors who are waiting to be reviewed, and all the other competitors who have failed to even submit their site.

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