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Open Directory Project Public Forum

Resource Zone is a forum supported by a group of ODP editors. It allows interested site owners and developers to get additional information on submitting sites, policies

Effective 21 May 2005 - Resource Zone no longer provides status of site submissions.

The Resource Zone forum is open to all, however, in order to post questions, registration is required.

Also be sure to read a lot and lurk around before posting. And read the guidelines and understand the. Action in the forum is fast and swift, and no sympathy is shown for those that are too lazy to post correctly.

(Ok, some people who post are not native English speakers. But nevertheless too many posters simply don't read the instructions)

The information supplied here about Resource Zone is the opinion of the site designer, and is not sanctioned or approved by the Administrators of the Resource-Zone site.

Small Print: Don't  complain to them,  and I don't want complaints, so there is no email here

This site is not affiliated with ODP, DMOZ.ORG, Resource-Zone.com or Netscape. All information and ideas provided on this site are the opinions of the site owner, any use of this information is at the user's own risk. 2005 MacLean Design Graphics Limited