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Although the forums are mostly in English, there are a lot of editors capable of responding in many other languages. Specific supported languages are:


Deutsch/German - Fragen in deutscher Sprache zum ODP.

Español/Spanish - Área para las discusiones conducidas en español.

Français/French - Questions en français au sujet de l'ODP.

Italiano/Italian - Una porta aperta per utilizzatori ed aspiranti editori che preferiscono porre le loro domande in italiano.


Suomi - Suomenkielistä keskustelua ODP:stä.

Svenska  - Diskussion på svenska.

Additional languages - Românã, Norsk, Russian, Türkçe, Srpski/Bosanski/Hrvatski, Shqip/Albanian, Gujarati, Magyar/Hungarian, Català, Portugues, Polska

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