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Effective 21 May 2005 - Resource Zone no longer provides status of site submissions.

All information below no longer applies

You have to be registered at Resource Zone, and must post the question in the Site Submission Status forum.

To ask about a  site status, you must follow the rules and guidelines posted in ATTENTION - Forum Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING

If you don't follow the rules, expect to get corrected, and a delay in getting the answer you want.

If you have difficulty following the Forum Guidelines, here are step by step instructions to help lead you through the process. Start Here

Site status is generally restricted to one of:

bulletIt's in a category waiting review
bulletIt's been reviewed, but an initial review moved it to another category for further review
bulletIt's been reviewed and listed/published/accepted [All mean the same thing]
bulletIt's been rejected [Generally no reason will be given]
bulletOccasionally it might given a status of "conditionally accepted", or some other phrase, indicating an editor has reviewed and accepted the sites, but still needs the approval of another editor. Normally this process only takes a day or two, but sometimes may get delayed longer. There is also the possibility of not getting final acceptance.

Status checks are not site reviews, they are just a report on whether an editor has reviewed the site or not, and whether the site made into the gigantic heap of site waiting to be reviewed.

Note also, that for the most part the editors answering the questions are not likely to be the ones who reviewed the site. There are generally about 5,000 editors who might be likely to review a site during a month. There are probably less then 50 editors who answer questions in Resource Zone.

In the guidelines for Resource Zone, there is a rule about waiting a month before asking. That's just to allow some time to elapse. Do not construe that as a guarantee that sites will get reviewed within a month, because that simply is not true.

If you are told your site has been accepted,  then it may not show up immediately, since there are several computers used, and it typically takes a day to a week for the updates to be completed.

The information supplied here about Resource Zone is the opinion of the site designer, and is not sanctioned or approved by the Administrators of the Resource-Zone site.

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