Sites Using ODP Data

There are many sites around that are copies of the ODP directory. For the most part these are total copies of the ODP data, including the sites, the directory structure, and the descriptions. This is allowed under the licensing rules of the Open Directory Project. One of the requirements is that each page link back to DMOZ, to allow site submissions and editor applications. See Open Directory License

This is a very legal document, and not to be ignored. Sites ignoring it will have all their listings removed from ODP. Then it goes out of the editors hands into the AOL/Time Warner lawyers.

In some case sites may choose to use a subset of the data, for example, only listing sites in the World: French section.

Or for example see Cool Directory Project

Some sites take the ODP data, and add additional sites of their own. An example of a site doing this is:


For the most part, these web site are created by taking a copy of the RDF dump, and converting it into a database, which then creates the HTML code for the site pages.

Since there is no requirement that sites using the data be updated, many are no longer maintained and contain data from several years ago.

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