Choosing a Category
The Submitter Quiz

Suggesting a Site

Refer to the official rules for suggesting a site http://www.dmoz.org/add.html

Before you suggest a site take the quiz. If you can't  pass the quiz, chances are you are doing something very wrong, and that may affect or delay your site getting published. Please note, the quiz is nothing official, just an attempt to to help you increase the possibility of suggesting your site in the best way.


Note the following:

There is no notification if a site had been accepted or rejected. In general ODP editors will not send out emails, or respond to emails about getting sites listed.

In some categories the review process can be very long, because of large backlogs of sites. However the categories that are backlogged can change from time to time, as new or existing editors express interest in a category and work hard on clearing the backlog.

Highlights from the [official DMOZ add] site above.

Step One

Determine whether a site is appropriate for submission to the ODP

Step Two

Make sure your site is not already listed

Step Three

Identify the single best category for your site. Click here for more details

Step Four

Write all the following down, or put it where you can find it again, you may need it later.

  1. Select the URL
  2. Make a Title
  3. Write a Description
  4. Go the category - click on suggest URL - and fill out the form



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