The Review Process

Each category in ODP has associated with it a group if unreviewed sites. At any time the group may be empty, or may have possibly thousands of site URL's

Sites are added to unreviewed by suggests/submissions from outside users, or by editors. Editors may add sites on their own initiative, they do not have to wait for suggestions from site owners. Sites may also be added by a move - that is a site in one category may be moved to another by an editor who decides the other category is a better fit.

The weeding out process. Often an editor will run quickly through a category weeding out the bad fits. For example, sites with non-English descriptions would obviously belong in World, and the sooner they are removed  (assuming the editor is not working on a World category) and sent in the right direction, the better. At this time editors will also try to remove duplicate copies of sites.

An editor will look through the list of unreviewed and decide to work on one. The editor can choose to do this anyway he/she wants. In some cases, an editor may move through in order of data of arrival. In other cases an editor may go through picking out sites that look better, as they arrived with a well written description.

The results of the review, is that the site is accepted, though usually with a changed description, or it's rejected and deleted, or it's moved to a better category. In some case, it may not be possible to make a decision, and the site is left in the unreviewed to be worked on later.


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