Time to Get Reviewed

Before a site can be listed, it has to be reviewed. At that time it might be listed, postponed or rejected. In general the review process will not take that long.

The real delay is waiting to get reviewed  - and that may take a while

The time to get listed in ODP varies from a day or two to more than two years. [It used to be possible for sites to be reviewed within minutes of submission, if the editor happened to look at the submission pile right after a site came in, but this changed in October 2004] Delays can occur either because a category has a lot of submissions of because no editor is interested on working on a category.

There is nothing that can be done about this. Some people give up, on the basis the they see no changes happening in a category, so see no point on submitting a site.

But since the ODP is a very fluid process, at any moment an editor may start working on a category. Failure to submit a site really makes the odds of getting listed very low.

The best thing is to spend about 20 minutes, carefully choosing a category, writing a good guidelines compliant description and submitting it. Then go away and forget about it. At some point your site may appear and you be pleasantly surprised.


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